Focusing on prioritizing areas for green spaces, creating balanced and healthy environments. Subdivision of The 9 Stellars Urban Villas offers a sophisticated, harmonious living space for the young and successful residents who love to have a lifestyle close to nature.



Peaceful streets in the middle of nature.

When the environment has been impacted by the consequences of rapid urbanization, parts of residents living in the city realize the shortage of living space - a characteristic of tube houses, alley houses. Thus, Vietnamese real estate has emerged to initiate a new trend – advanced projects associated with purely and friendly environmental conditions. In such this place, home is not merely a shelter but a place to return and revive after long days of work, which carries full of family emotions and children's laughter.

In recent years, the requisite to create internal “open spaces” has constantly been one of the most significant priorities real estate projects target. To The 9 Stellars, “open space” is designed by international-experienced architects in the most modern context.

Inspired by the romantic streets of Europe, The 9 Stellars villas could get you to feel lost in the middle of sentimental Western heaven in the heart of Thu Duc city. In this place, minimalism and sophistication in construction or perspective are emphasized in addition to optimizing the function of each utility area. Therefore, residents could always enjoy the comfort from both external and internal spaces of their house. 

Nevertheless, the European-designed style does not lose the Eastern features distinction that has been the soul of this project. According to the Vietnamese traditional construction concept, a home is not merely contributed from blocks of materials but rather be the focus of an overall picture of the surrounding area. Architectural experts of The 9 Stellars have meticulously evaluated the accurate balance between residential, living, and green regions from the very first drafts. Focusing and prioritizing the green areas to punctiliously allocate trees so that every single house should be overflowed with uniquely natural views.

In addition, The 9 Stellars is potentially covered by more than 700ha of green spaces from the National Cultural History Park and the adjacent Golf Club. The external and internal greens have combined to become enormous air purifiers, keeping our place much fresher than Ho Chi Minh city's central areas.   

Another significant highlight of this project is a sizeable ecological lake and clear blue water, along with the gentle Dong Nai river approximately over 500 meters away as the crow flies participate in adjusting temperature and providing cool breezes for the internal area.

It can be said that residents of The 9 Stellars Villa subdivision will be able to enjoy their life in an excellent harmony of nature. Nothing is better than immersing we in the pure atmosphere, getting to walk around the ecological lake, and enjoying the cool breezes on the tree-lined promenades after stressful and intensive working hours.

Along with that, the Feng Shui principle will also create valuable meanings for The 9 Stellars villa. Specifically, Asians always dignify the element of "Shui" (water), representing the reproduction and the inception of wealth. According to experts, a "dual" water source from both the ecological lake and the Dong Nai river will bring prosperity to residents and investors. 



The house of intellectual residents' generations

The 9 Stellars is located strategically, the T-intersection between the most dynamic and developed provinces in the country: Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and Binh Duong. Approximately less than 2 km from The 9 Stellars is The Ho Chi Minh City National University Village, gathering hundreds of thousands of students, lecturers, and scientists to study and participate in research programs. Going 1km further is Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park, where leading technological corporations are concentrated.

An abundant source of grey matter will transform this area into an intellectual, scientific, and technological center of Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City in particular, and the whole Southeast region in general. Whereby, The 9 Stellars project will undeniably become the ideal home to captivate the community of top high-quality experts in the country.

To be worthy of being the residence of talented, highly educated citizens as well as certify high-class living experiences for residents, The 9 Stellars will apply a series of intelligent technologies based on Qualcomm's technological solutions and Viettel, with the ambition to revolutionize this place into a model of a smart city in the future. Innovative parking system, self-propelled bus schedule, kiosk or lighting, security, and safety system at The 9 Stellar will all be operated and managed intelligently, applying the latest advancements of IoT technology and LTE network, 5G infrastructure, … to help residents easily move and enjoy the utility services.

Every moment of life's enjoyment will be optimized when you become a resident of The 9 Stellars. Here is genuinely an ideal place to stabilize and invest, bringing enduring values for future generations of Thu Duc city residents and investors.